Context Matters, Part 1

To feel offended to the point that everything you stand for as a human is demeaned by one word, you may be very little.

To strip the lackluster of English language, and sand it down to the core Latin, past the Greek… it’s like we’re speaking Afrikaans.
When it’s too left to speak out and too right to control, three lefts make a right, maybe also two wrongs do.
The wrong of saying the word, and a subsequent scrubbing of the entire sentence of its meaning.
You say you mean well, but how does one know if you really mean what you say?


1. Sociologically Speaking.

I’m glad that bill didn’t pass. The dominant culture doesn’t care about the suffering of the sick and poor; they want the sick and poor to keep suffering so they can retain their dominance. Unfortunately, the sick and poor are at a standstill.